ina garten's cauliflower & celery root soup

1/4 cup olive oil
the good stuff
2 whole yellow onions
about 2 cups chopped
2 cups celery root
1-inch diced
2 cups fennel
core and 1-inch diced
2 lbs cauliflower
about 1 medium head, cored and cut into florets
2 cups chicken stock
preferably homemade
2 tsp kosher salt
3 cups water
heavy cream
1 tsp salt
plus more to taste
croutons or cheese crisps
chopped, for serving
olive oil
the good stuff
This soup tastes so rich and creamy that it's hard to believe that it only contains 2 tablespoons of cream in it.
Preheat the dutch oven over low heat while you set up your mise en place. when ready to cook, bump up the heat to medium-low and warm the olive oil.
Add the onions and cook for 8-10 minutes. Stir occasionally until tender but not browned.
Add the celery root and fennel and saute for 5 minutes. Stir occasionally.
Add the cauliflower, chicken stock, and salt. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and cover. Simmer for 25-30 minutes until the vegetables are tender.
Add water, bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer uncovered for 20 minutes.
Puree the soup in the blender. Work in batches and don't fill the blender more than half full.
Pour the soup into a saucepan, stir in the cream, then add the salt. Taste the soup and add more salt if needed.
Reheat the soup over medium-low heat, then serve with croutons and chives. Drizzle with olive oil.