lightweight baguette3 loaves
the bulk telera, bolilo, or French rolls from Safeway would work as well
 pork belly3 lbs
could also use other meat fililngs such as meatballs or lemongrass pork
sliced into 1/4-inch thick spears
 pickled carrots
thinly sliced
 Maggi Seasoning Sauce
could also use Golden Mountain Seasoning Sauce


Halve the bread lengthwise, keeping it attached on one end if possible. Pull out most of the bread guts so that the sandwich doesn't get too doughy. Warm in the oven at 275F. The bread should just be softened and warmed, not crunchy and hot.
Spread mayonnaise on each half of the bread. Also smear in some pâté at this point if using.
Fill the sandwich with the meat, cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots and jalapenos.
For extra credit, drizzle with Maggi just before serving. Enjoy immediately.

We prepared this for friends during the Christmas of 2013. We initially planned to make mini banh mis using pain epi, but were tight on time, so we used 3 light baguettes instead. After crisping the baguette in the oven, we layered on all the ingredients across the length of the halved baguette. We warmed the pork belly in the oven then added it just before serving. Then we simply sliced the baguettes into party-sized pieces.


Charles Phan's Vietnamese Home Cooking