recipes: dessert

  • Almond Cake
    Finely ground nuts are an excellent substitution for flours in baking. When mixed with whipped egg whites, the ground nuts produce a surprisingly light cake. The key is to grind the nuts as finely as possible. This basic recipe can be adjusted to make several different flavor combinations. Try using different nuts, citrus zest, spices, dried fruits, etc. Maple syrup can be used in place of honey if desired. The balance of fat, protein, and just a little honey makes this cake a nutritious alternative to conventional cakes. It is best paired with Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Ganache. finely ground almondsbaking powdersea salteggshoneyvanilla extractcream of tartar
  • Almond Tart with Lemon Cream
    These gluten-free tart shells are simple and versatile. They can be filled with fresh fruit, custard, coconut creams, or pumpkin pie filling. The dairy-free pastry cream is thickened with agar agar and arrowroot, two nutritious ingredients. Lemon juice and zest are added to the coconut milk to create a refreshing, nutrient-dense pastry cream. The cream can also be used as a frosting or filling for cakes. very finely ground almondssorghum flourmaple sugarsaltcoconut oilmaple syrupvanilla extractcoconut milkagar agar powderarrowroot powderlemon juicehoneycoconut creamlemon zestsaltseasonal fruit
  • Alternative Mint Chip Ice Cream
    cocoa powdermaple syruphoneyvanillapeppermint extractsaltcoconut milkcashews
  • Alternative Vanilla Soufflé
    The base of this soufflé is a variation of the classic. Instead of using wheat flour and milk, sorghum flour and almond milk have been substituted to make this a gluten-free and dairy-free dish. Fresh fruit coulis would not only brighten the dish but also add antioxidants. wateralmond milkvanilla beanegg yolkspalm or turbinado sugarsorghum floursea saltcoconut oilegg whitescream of tartarsea saltfresh fruit coulis or chocolate sauce for topping
  • Apple Cinnamon Kanten with Vanilla Cashew Cream
    A beautiful and simple vegan dessert that brings together the benefits of seaweed, nuts, and seasonal fruit. Fresh Apple JuiceCInnamon sticksSaltAgar Agar flakesCashewsHoneyVanilla extractSaltWater
  • Apple Cinnamon Kanten with Vanilla Cashew Cream
    Kanten is a traditional Jell-O®-like dessert made from the seaweed agar agar. Agar can be used as a vegan alternative to replace gelatin in recipes. The cashews make a creamy, protein rich, and dairy-free alternative to whipped cream. apple juiceagar agar powdercinnamon stickssea saltcashewsmaple syrupvanilla extractvanilla beansea saltwater
  • apple tartin
    An iconic dessert was allegedly created by the Tartin sisters on France's Loire Valley. Legend is that while attempting to repair a baking error, they ended up with this upside-down dessert of flaky pastry and apples bathed in caramel. This recipe has been modified from the original with a more whole food approach. organic whole wheat flourorganic sugarsea saltorganic unsalted butterice watersmall organic Gala applesfreshly squeezed organic lemon juicesea saltorganic unsalted butterorganic agave