recipes: french

  • 2-Minute Hollandaise Sauce
    egg yolkwaterlemon juiceKosher saltbutterOptional: cayenne or hot sauce
  • Almond Milk Béchamel
    A gluten-free, dairy-free version of a classic roux-based white sauce. Delicious over roasted vegetables or used as a base thickener for sauces, gravies, or soups. Blanching almonds before making almond milk will produce a beautiful white sauce; for a rustic and quick variation, skins can be left on the almonds. avocado oilshallotssorghum flouralmond milkthymebay leafnutmeglemon juicesea saltblack pepper
  • Alternative Vanilla Soufflé
    The base of this soufflé is a variation of the classic. Instead of using wheat flour and milk, sorghum flour and almond milk have been substituted to make this a gluten-free and dairy-free dish. Fresh fruit coulis would not only brighten the dish but also add antioxidants. wateralmond milkvanilla beanegg yolkspalm or turbinado sugarsorghum floursea saltcoconut oilegg whitescream of tartarsea saltfresh fruit coulis or chocolate sauce for topping
  • Béarnaise
    Béarnaise is a luxurious sauce flavored with shallots and tarragon, which give it a tart edge. It elevates a grilled steak or roast beef from delicious to divine. dry white winewhite wine vinegarshallotcherviltarragonsea saltblack peppercornsegg yolksbuttercayenne
  • Beef Tartare
    anchovy filletscapersDijon mustardegg yolksbeef tenderloinshallotsfinely chopped parsleyolive oilhot sauces (such as Tabasco)Worcestershire sauceKosher salt and black pepperbaguette
  • Boeuf au Pistou, Ratatouille and Cous Cous
    beef sirloinSaltPeppereggplantsTable saltGround black pepperzucchiniolive oiloniongarlictomatoesfresh parsleyfresh basilfresh thymecouscousbutter or olive oil (optional)water or brothminttoasted sliced almondsfresh basilparsleykosher saltgarlicGruyère (or Parmesan)olive oilFreshly ground pepper
  • Brown Butter Crepes
    eggscups whole milkall-purpose flour saltunsalted butterraspberriessugarheavy creamcream fraichepowdered sugarVanilla
  • Cheese Soufflé
    A well-executed soufflé is a delight to see as well as to taste. This base recipe for a cheese soufflé could have countless variations by incorporating seasonal vegetables or different types of cheese. This protein-dense, building dish is a light but hearty way to start the day. butterParmesan cheesesorghum flourmilknutmegsea saltblack pepperGruyèreegg yolkegg whitescream of tartar