recipes: korean

  • Blanched Spinach/Sigeumchi Namul/시금치나물
    This is a simple and basic side dish that can augment any Korean meal. Feel free to substitute this recipe with whatever seasonal greens you have on hand. Keep in mind that heartier greens like kale will take longer to blanch. spinach soy saucesesame oilsesame seeds
  • Braised Burdock/Ueong Jorim/우엉 조림
    Burdock is a root that can grow up to 2 feet long but still remains as slender as a carrot. It is high in fiber, especially inulin. Inulin is promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and increases calcium absorption. Burdock contains both sweet and bitter flavors, making it an intriguing part of any meal. sesame oilburdockmaple syrupwatertamarisesame seeds
  • Cucumber and Daikon Salad
    saltsugarrice vinegarEnglish cucumbersgochujaruchivessesame seedsmung bean sproutsdaikonice watercarrotsrice vinegarsaltfreshly ground pepperred onion
  • kalbi jjim (korean braised short ribs)
    We decided to make this recipe when we saw that the butcher was selling amazing short ribs. Short ribs and vegetables are basically simmered together in a mixture of soy sauce and aromatics. We pieced together the recipe from several recipes we found online and scaled it down for a household of two. This dish made for a great Sunday supper. pearkiwigarliconionsoy saucesesame oilmirinshort ribswaterdaikon radishcarrotgingershiitake mushroomssteamed ricepine nuts