recipes: soup/stew

  • Acorn Squash and Wild Rice Soup
    We created this soup especially for our client Ellen to help her get more vegetables into her diet. We added the wild rice so she didn't think she was just eating vegetables and made sure to soak the grains overnight to make them more digestible. This is a perfect soup for a cold and rainy winter day lunch or dinner. We thought Ellen could make a big pot in the beginning of the week and make it last for a few meals. acorn squashcoconut oilHerbes de Provencefennel seedleekyellow onionsaltgarlicvegetable stockfresh sagefresh thymefresh rosemarybay leaffresh spinach leaveswild ricecoconut aminoslemon zestpeppermaple syrupcinnamonfresh parsleypaprika
  • African-Style Quinoa Stew
    Peanuts are a common ingredient in African cooking and are actually a legume, not a nut. Quinoa, although not a common ingredient in Africa, is a nice addition to this dish and is a complete protein with all essential amino acids. Although vegetables aren't generally very high in protein, collard greens have a higher protein content than most and are high in fiber. red palm oilonionleekcelery stalkscarrotsgarlicjalapeñopackaged tomatoesground cumindried oreganocayennesalt and peppervegetable stockquinoacollard greensorganic peanut buttertomato pastelemon juice
  • Albondigas Soup
    olive oildiced tomatoes with green chiliesother veggies as you please or are availablesalt & pepper to tastehot sauce optionalcilantro optionalonionbell peppergarlicchicken stockground turkeycumincoriandergarlic saltlong white grain ricecarrotszucchinicorn
  • almond chicken soup with sweet potato, collards, and ginger
    chicken stockyellow oniongarlicsweet potatochicken breastsmooth almond buttercollard leavesfresh gingercoarse saltfreshly ground black pepperlime
  • Avgolemono (Greek Lemon Soup)
    This is a version of the classic Greek chicken and lemon soup. The eggs make the soup light yellow and creamy. Incorporating chicken broth into the diet regularly is very healing for the digestive tract and is a great source of bioavailable minerals. brown ricewatersea saltbuttercarrotsceleryonionleekblack pepperchicken stockegg yolkslemon juiceparsleydill
  • basic miso soup
    We'll often whip up this super simple soup to accompany our Japanese meals or to make use of leftover miso paste. Dashi is Japanese soup base. If we don't have any dashi in our freezer, we just use dashi from a packet. Adapted from Hiroji Obayashi's Simple Delicacies. dashimiso pastetofugreen onionswakame
  • Bison Stew with Turnips
    This recipe, inspired by a traditional Lakota buffalo stew, is simple yet satisfying. Slowly simmering the bison in stock helps to tenderize the meat. bison stew meatsea saltbutteronionsgarlic clovesbay leaveschicken stockarrowrootfreshly ground black pepperturnipscelerycarrotsparsley