recipes: #tartine country loaf

  • french bread pizza
    This is a really simple recipe that makes great use of leftover bread. We actually used to make sliced bread pizzas in college in the toaster oven, and to this day, we still make it a point to have pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on hand just in case we need a quick meal. We'll sometimes make this for breakfast on the weekends. french breadbutterpizza saucemozzarellacanola oileggparsleysalt and pepper
  • ina garten's crostini with tuna tapenade
    This recipe is Ina Garten's decadent and elagant take on tuna tapenade. We suspect that the mascarpone contributes greatly to this dish's addictive flavor. This is perfect to prepare for a party since you have to make it in advance and let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour. If you don't have easy access to a grill (like us), you can simply brush olive oil on the baguette slices and crisp them in the oven. italian tunathymeparsleylemon zestanchovy pastegarliclemon juiceolive oilmascarpone cheesekalamata olivescaperssaltblack pepperfrench bread
  • ina garten's greek panzanella salad
    This salad is easy to make, scales well, and is delightfully tasty. The bread cubes balance out the salad components and are crisp on the outside, but soft to the bite. This dish pairs well with pork tenderloin, but could also stand on its own as a lunch entrée. olive oilfrench breadkosher saltred wine vinegargarlicdried oreganosaltblack pepperdijon mustardolive oilcucumberred bell pepperyellow bell peppercherry tomatoesred onionfeta cheesekalamata olives